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Zillow Zestimate Accuracy Calculator – 2019

In June 2019, Zillow made a major update to how they calculate Zestimates for houses listed for sale. In addition, they now report the accuracy of the Zestimates for houses “Listed for Sale” separately from houses “Not Listed For Sale.” Check out this post for more details. Here’s a post from 2018 with a discussion…

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Links – Mar. 10, 2019

USA Metro Denver home prices drop in February for first time in 7 years Oregon governor signs statewide rent control law Toll Brothers Orders Plunge as California Buyers Vanish People are buying less at Home Depot: Is this another sign the housing market is cooling down? JPMorgan Chase investor slide explains mortgage-business slump Contrary to…

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U.S. Home Price Appreciation Continues to Slow

Home price appreciation continued to be strong in December but not nearly as strong as last spring. The big question is whether this is a healthy reset of home price appreciation to lower, more sustainable levels, or whether home price appreciation will continue to shrink. U.S. home prices were up 4.7% in December (compared to…

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