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Kristin LaVanway’s First Home Stories (Part 2)

The Story

Kristin LaVanway

In part 2, Kristin finishes up the story of buying her first home and jumps into the story of buying her first home after divorce. The story takes a dramatic turn when it turns out Kristin bought the home at the top of the real estate bubble and she ended up getting foreclosed on.

Listen to the whole episode to hear how Kristin made it through it all and how excited she is about her current home.

  • Kristin buys a house a mile from her old house.
  • But she bought it in June of 2006… the exact top of the real estate bubble.
  • Soon Kristin was back on her feet after the foreclosure and a few years later she was back in the market to buy a home.
  • Kristin talks about the great down payment assistance program she used to buy her current great home.
  • At the end of the episode, Kristin explains the 203K loan she used to remodel her home immediately after she bought it.

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