Welcome! Learn how real estate really works from a rogue real estate agent.

I created this website to help first-time home buyers through the insanely complex home buying process.

I don’t want to be your real estate agent, I didn’t build this website to get people to hire me as their real estate agent.

Instead, I want to help thousands of people if I can to buy their first homes by showing them how real estate really works.

I want to create the courses I wish I had taken before we bought our first house. I’m sure we would have saved a ton of money on that first house (and our second house and our third house) and I’m sure my stress level would have been PHENOMENALLY less if I had studied the home buying process before diving in.

Now years later as a real estate agent, I’ve been honored to have home buyers put an incredible amount of trust in me but I worry that some buyers put too much trust in the people they’re working with.

The easy solution is for home buyers to take the time to learn how the system works so they can be in control when they’re buying homes.

I would love to help thousands of families own their own homes.

This new school is entirely online. You take the courses at your convenience. Currently, we have one course, “The Ultimate Guide to Buying the House Your Rent.”

I hope this website will eventually have a ton of free content to help you.

The paid online courses will be especially helpful for those who are in a hurry and those who want to make sure they haven’t missed anything too important.

I sincerely hope First-Time Home Buyer School helps you become the owner of your first home!

I love to get ideas, suggestions, comments, and questions from people, so feel free to email me at John@FirstTimeHomeBuyerSchool.com.

– John Wake

P.S. Here’s a longer bio on another website of mine.

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