Updating these Case-Shiller charts by hand is mind-numbingly boring but I love the charts after I’m done!

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Top 3 Cities

Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco appreciated the most from a year ago.

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All three cities still have a lot of upward momentum when you look at Zillow’s “Percent of Homes Increasing in Value.”
Percent of Homes Increasing in Value San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas

Bottom 3 Cities

Of the 20 cities in the Case-Shiller Index, the ones with the least housing price appreciation from January 2017 to January 2018 were Chicago, Washington D.C.(!) and Cleveland.

Home Price Index fro Washington DC, Chicago and ClevelandAnd all three cities are losing momentum fast. Chicago and Washington D.C. are fast approaching only half of homes increasing in value despite a hot national economy and very low unemployment.

If the national economy were to slow down unexpectedly, that would be particularly bad for home prices in these three cities.
Percent of homes increasing in value in Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC

The Graphs

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