The biggest story in U.S. home prices right now is how the San Francisco market is cooling off after being white hot for years.

A lot of these cities are hitting their high season. It’ll be fun to see what happens.

Case-Shiller – April 2015 to April 2016

Case-Shiller covers 20 U.S. cities.

Most Appreciation

  1. Portland = +12.3%
  2. Seattle = +10.7%
  3. Denver = +9.5%
  • Portland is even hotter this month. It’s kind of scary hot.
  • San Francisco continues to cool. It’s now tied with Tampa for 5th place.
  • If you own a home in San Francisco and were on the fence about selling, I’d say SELL!

Case-Shiller Hottest Markets - Denver, Portland and Seattle

Least Appreciation

  1. Washington DC = +1.9%
  2. New York = +2.6%
  3. Cleveland = +2.9%
  • Chicago drops out of the bottom 3 cities for appreciation.  That’s good for Chicago.
  • Washington D.C. solidified its place as the slowest appreciating cities in the last year.
  • I still don’t know why Washington D.C. is doing so badly. Is it uncertainty caused by the election?

Case-Shiller Coolest Real Estate Markets


Data Table – All 20 Case-Shiller Cities

Case-Shiller Chart

Full S&P Case-Shiller press release.

Zillow – Percentage of Homes Increasing in Value

EXCLUSIVE: You won’t see these graphs anywhere else online. They’re not even on, even though I get the raw data from Zillow.

Percent of Homes Increasing in Value” is another way to look at how strong prices are in a city. Theoretically, it can help us peek around corners a bit.

Increasing Mojo

  • Charlotte is continuing to show strong upward momentum.
  • Portland and Seattle are leveling off but they’re so hot, they had to slow down.
  • Tampa and Phoenix also show strong upward momentum.

Zillow Percent of Homes Increasing in Value

Decreasing Mojo

  • San Francisco and Denver are hot but with declining momentum.
  • Denver has topped out but hasn’t really declined much.
  • Cleveland is neutral and losing some momentum.

Zillow Percent Increasing v2