I wanted to interview Gary because he’s a numbers guy and he’s got one of the most popular real estate blogs in Chicago, “Getting Real.” Gary’s blog is full of facts, not sales pitches. Gary cuts through all the B.S. and just tells you what’s really happening with Chicago real estate. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Chicago, you gotta check out Gary’s blog and his website first.

In his interview we talk about;

Alternative Options for Buying and Selling in Chicago

  • Low fees for buyers and sellers.
  • Or pay by the hour.

Chicago Real Estate Market

  • Overview

Illinois Real Estate Contract and Customs

  • How real estate attorneys are used.
  • Home warranties.
  • Pre-listing appraisals.
  • Customary earnest money amounts.
  • Earnest money disputes

How to contact Gary Lucido, Lucid Realty.

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