• What did they do wrong?
  • What did they do right?
  • And what tips do they have for other first-time home buyers?

These “First Home Stories” are totally honest, unfiltered, fascinating!

It’s just people helping other people by sharing their own personal “First Home Stories” – what they learned and what they think you should know when you buy your first home.



08: Jenn Murphy – Pre-School Mom Finds Her Dream Home

07: Bobbie Scopa – First Home Before Professional Home Inspections

06: Michael Leonard of ‘Inspire Your Success’ – 2015 Condo Buy

05: Kristin LaVanway (part 3) – Kristin’s Top Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

04: Kristin LaVanway (part 2) – First Home After Divorce

03: Kristin LaVanway (part 1) – “I Pretty Much Did Everything Wrong”

02: Chris Mielke – Rocket Scientist Finds Buying His First Home Too Complex

01: Deacon Hayes of ‘Well Kept Wallet’ – The Flip That Didn’t

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