Here are some of the cool graphics related to the Great Real Estate Bubble that I didn’t end up using in this post.

The source is on each graphic, if you want to do more research yourself.

Click images to enlarge.

FCIC Funding for Mortgages

CA and FL vs US Home Prices

Simkovic NonPerforming Loans by Type

Net Worth Mortgage Design

Median Household Net Worth 2000 to 2011

New Worth Shares by Net Worth

Acharya Mortgage Debt

Dallas Fed Supply Graph

Mortgage Debt v2

FCIC Subprime Originations noAlt-A

FCIC Household Net Worth

FCIC Underwater Mortgages by State

Historical Home Values

Investors Properties

Housing and Wealth Lower Income

Subprime delinquencies ARM vs Fixed

Housing Wealth By Net Worth Ratio

Who Extracted Home Equity