Annual Home Price Appreciation
Feb 2015 – Feb 2016

Most Appreciation (within the 20 metros)

  1. Portland = +11.9%
  2. Seattle = +11.0%
  3. Denver = +9.7%

San Francisco dropped out of the top three appreciating cities for the first time in forever.

And it fell fast. Its annual appreciation rate fell from 10.5% in January to 9.3% in February.

Portland, Seattle and Denver home prices are appreciating fastest

Least Appreciation (within the 20 metros)

  1. Washington DC = +1.4%
  2. Chicago = +1.8%
  3. New York = +2.1%

Washington D.C. overtakes Chicago as being the least appreciating Case-Shiller city with only 1.4% appreciation in the past year.

Washington D.C. was one of the “hottest” (really, least cold) real estate markets in the country from 2009 to 2011. Home prices in Washington D.C. bottomed out in 2009 while prices in most other cities continued to fall until 2012.

I don’t know exactly why Washington D.C. is doing so badly. If you have an explanation, let me know in a comment.

Chicago, New York and Washington DC Home Prices Increasing Very Slowly

Data Table – 20 Cities

Case-Shiller Home Price Index - Fastest and Slowest Home Price Increases in 20 U.S. Metro Areas

Full S&P Case-Shiller press release.


EXCLUSIVE: You won’t see these graphs anywhere else online. They’re not even on, even though I get the raw data from Zillow.

“Percent of Homes Increasing in Value” is another way to look at how strong prices are in a city. Theoretically, it can help us peek around corners a bit.

Mojo – 66% or More of Homes Increasing in Value

  1. Portland & Phoenix gaining strengh
  2. San Francisco & San Diego losing strength

Zillow Percent of Homes Increasing in Value - HOT cities are Dallas, Denver and Portland

No Mojo – Less Than 66% of Homes Increasing in Value

  1. Detroit is losing strength
  2. No clear trend for rest of cities below 66%

Zillow Home Prices Increasing in Value - Slowest Priced Cities are Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Washington DC

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