I just updated the Case-Shiller Home Price Index graphs for all 20 cities and the USA as a whole.

The Home Price Index increased strongly in only 2 cities in January – Miami and Denver.

January is a weak month for home price increases which makes Miami look a bit manic with its strong January increase and it probably foreshadows further mania in the following months.

Miami and Denver couldn’t hardly have more different home price histories over the last 15 years.

Miami was one of the epicenters of the “Great Real Estate Boom and Bust of the 2000s” while Denver home prices were pretty flat during all that drama.

Denver, on the other hand, probably had the biggest real estate boom of the 1990s. Home prices in Denver in the 1990s increased more than any of the other 20 cities in the graph.

On the graphs, you can see the 1990s Denver real estate boom by adjusting the beginning date for the data shown in the graph. Use the date slider that’s just below the graph (after you click over to the Case-Shiller page).