Marty Boardman is a fix and flipper in Phoenix and Milwaukee. Huh, Phoenix AND Milwaukee? Yep, Marty explains why he expanded his Phoenix fix and flip business to Milwaukee and he mentions several other cities that should be good for fix and flippers using the criteria Marty used to select Milwaukee.

I wanted to interview Marty, not just because he’s a good guy, which he is, but because I wanted to dive into the question of why fix and flippers are so good at doing rehabs and making money on them while home sellers are usually so terrible at doing rehabs and end up losing money on them. Why are fix and flippers so good at rehabs when home sellers are so bad at them?

I really like that Marty isn’t trying to sell us, he’s just giving us the facts.

Marty Boardman

You can take advantage of Marty’s experience by reading his blogs, Flipping Phoenix Houses, or his Milwaukee blog, REI Midwest, where you can also find his latest turnkey Milwaukee investment properties which he’s already rehabbed and put tenants in place before putting them up for sale.

You can follow Marty on Twitter or check out his profile on LinkedIn.