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Annual Home Price Appreciation
Jan 2015 – Jan 2016

Most Appreciation (within the 20 metros)

  1. Portland = +11.8%
  2. Seattle = +10.7%
  3. San Francisco = +10.5%

It looks like San Francisco has lost some of its mojo since November. The turmoil in tech startup valuations is trickling down. On the other hand, Seattle home prices haven’t lost any upward momentum (yet?).

Case-Shiller Home Price Index - Portland, San Francisco and Seattle are the Hottest Real Estate Markets

Least Appreciation (within the 20 metros)

  1. Chicago = +2.1%
  2. Washington DC = +2.2%
  3. New York = +2.8%

In addition, New York’s ultra luxury condo market seems wobbly.

Case-Shiller Home Price Index coolest home price cities are Chicago, New York and Washington DC

Data Table – 20 Cities

Case-Shiller Home Price Index List for 20 Metro Areas

Full S&P Case-Shiller press release.