See and hear what you missed last week in real estate news. It seems a consensus is forming in some areas of the COVID recession market but not others.
– John Wake

Ali Wolf & Tim Sullivan – Metrostudy Meyers

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Markets that are Stronger than Last Year for New Homes. (23:13)

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V-Shaped, L-Shaped or Shoosh-Shaped? How Different Sectors are Doing. (29:25)

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Top Reasons Buyers are Buying New Homes Now. (40:33)

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Ivy Zelman at UCLA Anderson Economic Outlook

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San Francisco Rents Down 9%? (16:10)

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Pent Up Supply? (17:48)

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Millennials Aging Into Single-Family Homes. (23:06)

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Jonathan Litt – REIT Investor – with Barry Ritholtz (June 5)

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• Work From Home Worked. Now What? Start at 11:31.

• COVID Impact on Millennial Demand. Start at 27:40.

Commute Time Less Important? Start at 36:49.

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